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My name is Hannah and I invite you to join me in exploring New York through new eyes. More specifically, I invite you to tap into your inner jukebox and investigate the streets of our beloved city as the singers and songwriters who gave it a heartbeat.

It doesn't take a musical maven like myself to recollect a tune whose muse is the Big Apple, or even one that specifies a street or location that tells a story of New York life. With hundreds of blocks' worth of songs and stories, my goal is to scout out as many of these places as possible and capture the images that these artists put into words.

Each post will center on a particular building or street referenced in song as well as my engagement with it. I hope to report on aspects which are compelling to me and speculate on those which may have inspired these artists to write their songs. I will add each song to a running playlist so that readers can see and listen. I hope to encourage readers to seek out these landmarks themselves and to look at the city as a whole with newfound reverence. New York City is a magical place. 

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